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What Are Pretty Girl Problems?

First let’s start with a definition of what a Pretty Girl is; she is every girl! Pretty Girls are the straight A students, the introverts, the popular girls, the athletes, the class clowns, the ones with perfect attendance and the ones with truancy issues, the bullies, the bullied, the typically developing, those with physical and/or intellectual (dis)abilities  and much much more! Pretty Girl Problems are universal, multi cultural and fortunately solvable. They are found in every school in every community, there are no rules to what Pretty Girls can or cannot be.


We are looking to feature 3 girls in each one of our service categories, tiny (ages 6-9), tween (10-12), teen (13-18) and college (18-24).  If you’re looking for new friends and LOTS OF FUN, we need to see you January 30th from 10am-2pm.  As you now know we want EVERY GIRL! To participate just email us your name, age and a picture (this isn’t to “judge” you, we just have to make sure we don’t have 4 sets of twins LOL) to INFO@THEPRETTYGIRLPROBLEM.COM.  We are accepting the first 3 girls to respond for each category, so don’t wait! Shoot details provided upon registration.

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I’ve given you 30 days worth of my thoughts, now I want to read some of yours! Tell me what July taught you.  What are you going into August with? What are you leaving behind? I want to hear from you, so comment below, reach out to me on IG, send me an email if […]

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Lesson #2: JUST DO IT

This lesson may be the most simple yet…JUST DO IT when you don’t feel like it when it hurts when you’re alone when you’re surrounded by people when it didn’t work the first time (in this case, just do it again LOL) when they say you can’t when you say you can’t when you can’t […]

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Lesson #3: You Are Not Your Ego

Ego is described in the dictionary as a person’s sense of self-esteem or self importance.  Eckhart Tolle describes it as your personal history.  One thing is true of almost all the definitions I’ve found, its all about self.  In event planning and in life in general there will never be a time where anything is […]

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Lesson #4: What She Said…

This is a honest depiction of what I went through planning the Girl’s Guide To Finding Solutions, so here goes.  Even if you’re not offering retreats or conferences to anyone, have you noticed that its always easier to give advice than to take it? Even if its your own? Well I’m no different!!! I found myself […]

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Lesson #5: Who Are You Talking To?

When I started planning the Girl’s Guide To Finding Solutions I had several grand ideas in mind.  Then I realized I wasn’t having a retreat for myself, I was planning a retreat for mothers and daughters.  It was important that I put my personal feelings about what I thought my audience needed aside to really learn what […]

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Lesson #6: Hired Help…Is Cheaper

Hired help WILL ALWAYS BE CHEAPER than free labor! Anything given or received for free is overwhelmingly undervalued! The reason luxury brands are such a hot item is because they cost so much, which automatically implies quality and status.  In theory, a designer pair of jeans will last a lot longer than a bargain pair. […]

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Lesson #7: Jill of all trades, master of none

No one wants to be that person who has a different “area of specialty” every week.  In business its confusing to your audience and in life its confusing to the Universe! It’s important that we establish what our audience can expect from our brand early, this is what we call a brand message.  It is even […]

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Lesson #8: Just say no, to yes girls

Have you ever heard someone refer to a person as being surrounded by “yes men”? If so, its probably been said with a negative connotation.  As much as it is important to surround yourself with people that support your vision, its equally important to have people around that challenge it as well.  I hate to […]

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Lesson #9: There Is A Budget…

ALL events should have a budget! When we don’t set budgets we make decision based on emotions and we’ve already learned that sometimes we need a little help training those bad girls! What I realized was that the less money I had to spend the more creative and relatable I became.  In areas I spent too […]

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